Fragments of Waters

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Bits of Roger Waters from the show in Neve Shalom, Israel on June 22, 2006 as captured by my Qtek 8130 phone camera (poor quality, I admit, but it remind me what my eyes have seen, which is priceless).

Nathan an me arrived early at Neve Shalom to avoid the traffic. Some people waited 3 hours or more to get to the show. We left Modiin on 17:00 (the show was supposed to start on 21:30) and arrived half an hour later in Neve Shalom. The parking lots were enourmous and so was the crowd already seated in the Humus field that was turned into a gigantic concert park. We could find a seating square only about 50 meters from the stage:

I will not tell you much about the show. Just try and guess what I was filming here:

The Show

Or watch the videos (I’m sorry about the sound quality…): 1 2 3 4 5 6

It was a wise decision to purchase the tickets back in May, so we didn’t have to use this last “minute stand”:

Neve Shalom

Some pictures of Neve Shalom, at which the show took place. The show here was part of Waters’ world tour so I included some pictures from shows in Europe as well.

The show

The show ad
The Stage
Road post on the way to the show
My tickets


While in Israel Waters advocated tolerance and peace messages. This is why the show was at Neve Shalom. I didn’t like the demonstrated act near the security wall in Jerusalem, but I respect his views.

However, in later interviews Water’s regretted his performance in Israel and demonstrated extreme anti Israeli views. He even called for artist boycott on Israel.

I’m really very sorry for this man, but this will not stop my huge love to Pink Floyd and their music. For my next shows I’ll prefer David Gilmour.

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