High Risk BNB Yield Farming

Lately I was involved in a few BNB yield farms on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). These were high risk yield farms, that are based on rewards paid from the dapp smart contract, as long as the balance of the contract is positive.

In most cases this is done by recruiting more and more investors to top up the smart contract balance. Investors are more like gamers in this case, because you need to estimate how far the smart contract balance will hold. Some would argue that those are pyramid schemes or Ponzi frauds, but since everything is conducted on the block chain, everyone can see the contract code, status and balance — so there is full transparency. Those are not frauds but it’s more of a gamble/game and not an investment. You deposit your coins in hope to get the rewards before the contract balance is depleted.

All the apps I tried have a referral program so you can recruit new members and pick some referral rewards on the way.

When DYOR, it is important to examine the balance of the smart contract. If it’s on the rise — there is still time to join. If it’s declining — it’s time to start collecting your rewards.

BNB Train

The latest edition to these is BNB Train:

BNB Train

It offers investment plans from 7 to 30 days, with 7.8% to 17% daily ROI.

Rewards can be withdrawn any time, and you get a proportion of the overall payout based on the time in plan and time left.

By the end of the plan the total payout is 1.19 up to 2.34 time the amount you invested.

The contract just started so there is still time to participate.

Link: https://bnbtrain.ognius.com

BNB Factor

This was the first app based on the high yield / high risk idea.

BNB Factor

This is the 2nd time this contract was run. Unfortunately this round is over. This is the contract balance:

Maybe a new round will be open. Keep checking.

Link: https://bnbfactor.com/

BNB Matrix

Much like BNB Train it has similar plans and options:

BNB Matrix

It seems however that the contract is losing momentum:

Link: https://bnbmatrix.io/

If you ever decide to take a risk and try one of these — do your research and only risk what you an afford to lose.

If you decide to try one of this, please consider using my affiliate links:

BNB Train: https://bnbtrain.ognius.com?ref=0xF9affef42AFC3a7EC16EDB8EDC649A4038Cf77bb

BNB Factor: https://bnbfactor.com/?r=0xB17A1b37CC2AD8a4960A64C2c0145D783ff70E03

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