The Future Of (My) Blogging

Miron Ophir
2 min readMay 2, 2021


For the past 20 years or so, I’ve been posting here and there on my personal blogs.

In English:

And Hebrew:

Some random image from my Hebrew blog main screen

As work/life load increased over time, the frequency of my posts have reduced, until it came to almost complete stop in recent years. My blogs were just sitting there, on my private hosted server, waiting for the random reader to pass by (or be referred from an even more random Google search).

Many of these posts haven’t survived the test of time. Some personal posts refer to children already grown up. Others address topics relevant to their time that will seem strange and distant in current times.

As the years passed by, other content publishing systems have emerged, such as Medium. Since my post stream have reduced to a trickle, it seems less appropriate that it was in the past to manage my own blog/content system. Don’t get me wrong — the management is practically negligible — the blogs just sit there on the server, under a WordPress application that serves them. Still there is the spam issues in the comments section, theme updates, etc.

So after giving it some thoughts I’ve decided to move the worthy ones to Medium and decommission my private blogs. Hebrew still remains somewhat of a challenge on Medium, so probably the English site would go first…

Comments and responses will be lost in the process and will remain forever buried in the backups of the site. Not many of these either in recent years, so adios…



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